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Sketch Dump
Ned and Phobspi Sketch Dump - COMMISSION by invadersxix614
COMM: Colored sketches of Bex by invadersxix614
sketch dump of OC(s) or other character(s)
Digital- Full Drawing, Complex BG
Night Flight - COMMISSION by invadersxix614
Zim X Aly :COMMISSION: by invadersxix614
Foxica - After Hours by invadersxix614
detailed background, line art, colored, shaded
Digital Sketches
OC Lineup by invadersxix614
Akira X Iris by invadersxix614
rough sketch or semi-cleaned line art
Digital - Full Drawings, simple BG
Smile, Pumpkin by invadersxix614
Glitch practice by invadersxix614
Baby Dak - COMMISSION by invadersxix614
Prisoners of Love by invadersxix614
line art, fully colored, shaded, and gradient/simple background
MS paint picture (with BGs may add more points)
Robotic Demonds- Present for Invader 7 by invadersxix614
line art, fully colored
optional: shading, background
hand drawn and colored
OC Madness totem... thingy... idk. by invadersxix614 :thumb305935578: :thumb338645023:
hand drawn sketches
Born in Blood by invadersxix614
Moo Moos by invadersxix614
hand drawn and shaded with pencil

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Verna Sketch by invadersxix614
Verna Sketch
got bored and 'sketchy'

species is the Iguana Dog and is closed!! they belong to :iconSteam-Punk-Dragon:

Title: Swim Away

Rating: M (Mature, 18+)

Pairing: Reverse!Edd / Reverse!Kevin

Summary: Eddward Vincent, a wanted man with a secret, finds himself injured while on his escape from hunters. Kevin, a nerdy boy with not much good in his life, finds this wounded stranger by the creek and helps him. But these innocent actions have it's consequences when this shark suddenly drags Kevin into deeper waters, involving him in a game Edd knew would drown Kevin one way or another before he got out of it. If he was lucky enough. (Monster!AU)

Disclaimer: R!Edd & R!Kevin belongs to Asphyxion. I do not own any characters used nor the urban legend used in this story.

Chapter 1

Many Navajos believe firmly in the existence of skinwalkers and refuse to discuss them publicly for fear of retribution.

    There had to be at least a dozen men on his heels. Thier damned dogs barked menacingly as their jaws clashed against the other over and over with each bark. They drew dangerously close, and Edd knew they would catch up to him soon, it was simply inevitable. His feet, burning with the need for a moment of rest, dug and kicked into the dirt. His heels were numb and dull pain was beginning to subside as exhaustion kicked in. A thick fog of dust rose to the sky and mixed with his visible breaths of warm swirling clouds of air with the cold around him. His breathing was cut short and sharp as he inhaled the autumn wind that blasted through his clothes like bullets. The fugitive heaved, small cries broke through his lungs as they ached to breath properly. His long legs fumbled through the thick foliage and his hands were covered in scrapes and small cuts as a result of tearing through the bushes and shrubbery around him. Shouts and commands rung through the night sky and intertwined within the trees as his pursuers closed the distance between them. He felt like he was drowning, the fear of death yanking at his thoughts and the desperation to climb back to the surface, to pull through and dart away into safer, calmer waters. Of course, moments like that didn't happen often to a shark, but even then it was the one, stomach clenching thought that struck a rod of fear through him the most.

    They believe skinwalkers transform and walk freely, in secrecy, under the cover of night.

    A barking hound sprinted beside him, hideously large and coming too close with those clashing canines for Edd's comfort. The beast compressed and stretched his body like an accordion, getting the longest distance and building up his strength to make the strongest kicks to the ground in order to keep up with it's prey. The shark grimaced, knowing he would now have to make an even stronger effort and more of his dwindling energy to lose the canine hell bent on retrieving it's kill for his master. Edd kicked the ground with immense force and made a hard right, shifting his body weight to the side in one sharp movement of his upper torso. His lower body had a moment of trouble keeping up with his forced movement, causing Edd to suddenly feel the force of gravity take him under.

The world seemed to slow as it finally hit the shark that he was falling to the moist, cold ground, to his capture if he didn't act fast. His heart sunk and his blood ran cold at the thought. He shot his piercing cyan irises away from the dirt below him and to the path ahead of him. One chance, he would either catch himself now and break away, or fall to his demise. His hands shot out if their clenched position and towards the ground, hoping on everything he had in him that he would be able to beat gravity. His soft fingertips crunched into the dirt and sunk in deep as he struggled to push his muscles to their limit once more and lift his body weight in only a second. His shoulders hunched and his back muscles compressed as he shook in fear and exhaustion. One chance. Everything seemed to stop, every barking dog braking to a halt, every sprinting hunter slowing to a sudden stop. He could have sworn his jacket just grazed the soil beneath him. His legs fell behind clumsily as he leaned forward, balance hopelessly failing. His knee slammed and sunk into the dirt as he momentarily fell to a start position. One chance. Finally, bringing his leg forward, he groaned in determination and frustration as he pushed every muscle, every ounce of strength he had in him and launched off in a new direction.

A skinwalker is a man who has acquired immense supernatural power, including the ability to transform into animals.

He heard it. The moment he's been begging for, a moment of struggle, a split second of confusion that seemingly gave the shark all the power in the world. Their dogs yelped in shock as their prey turned the tables before them and Edd's hunters all exclaimed in fury. His heart slowly recoiled back to his chest as a small smirk slid across his fear stricken facial features. He looked back a second to see the dogs had soon found him, though had fallen yards behind. It seemed like miles to Edd. He pushed off with increased force than before, hopes higher than ever and sprinting around and through trees, hoping to further confuse the canines. He kicked up dirt and leaves like it was his ammunition, and bounded like a wild animal caged for decades, finally free. His new found adrenaline flooded into his palpitating heart and pounded in his ears. Through the sound of barking and exclamations, it was then that he was sure he heard the rush of freedom. There was a familiar sense in the atmosphere, and his hunters sensed it too. Their shouts began to crack and desperation tore through their voices, commanding their dogs with increased intensity, and the damned leader of this wolf pack screeching to those omegas to fire their weapons. Even though the desperation and rarely heard fear in his voice, Eddward knew that weasels voice all too well. Edd's eyes looked ahead with intensity, pupils growing in focus. He heard it... The rumbling crash of water. At first he shook it off, focusing on his path ahead and maneuvering skillfully as he attempted to lose his enemies. Then it got louder, and he could feel it. He felt the slight shake beneath his feet and the taste of wild water melted on his lips. It was here, home was here and it was so very close. He laughed in confidence and sweet relief as he cackled to his hunters, showing them that the game was over, it was all over. Edd was sure he would be home free, the days and restless nights of fear were over. This was it.

It is believed that skinwalkers wear the skins of the animals they transform into.

    Eddward's skin rippled in goosebumps as he let his heart lead the way to home. He shook his jacket farther up his shoulders, it's leather like material clinging to him as if it needed him as much as he needed it. Metaphorically, it was Edd's lifeblood, it was everything to him, it was what made him who he was.
What seemed like hours later was really a split of time just under a minute as a large river came into his hopeful view. The racing waters and crashing currents was enough to bring forth a storm of adrenaline and cockiness to Edd. He looked back and smiled as his skin slowly faded to a dark grey, his jacket grew and molded with his body, his teeth sharpened, and with a final hiss, he jumped into the water, diving in as the rest of his transformation shot through. His chasing hunters all screeched their shouts of hate and defeat, their dogs all came to a halt and on command returned to their masters, and with the final thought of success, Edd swam away into the faster, deeper waters. His body trembled in adrenaline, excitement, fading fear, and the shock of his nerves surging to life as the cold water pricked at his skin. Every inch of him, every nerve, every pore, every small goosebump that rose on his dotted skin felt the icy water around him. He lived and breathed the element, he was always home within it, and he could trust it like no other. Of course, even that could have it's consequences.

    These evil witches are typically seen in the form of a coyote, owl, fox, wolf or crow – although they do have the ability to turn into any animal they choose.

    The shark-boy was taking it easy for a minute or so, he stopped his swimming for a moment to regain some of his strength and energy, letting the river current carry him along as he breathed in the liquid ice and stretched his fins outward. He opened his solid black eyes to see the current he shot within had gotten stronger, faster, and even a bit dangerous. The bedrock was getting higher, closer, sharper as an outcome of the high erosion in this area. Alarm quickly struck him as he realized something was very wrong. Quickly he began to reverse his transformation and returned to his human form, struggling hopelessly to stay above the quick current and wary waters. His breathing became ragged, quick, and sharp as a very ominous crash in the distance could be heard. He knew he would have no chance at survival in his shark form for what was to come. The rivers speed continued to escalate as the rumble became faster, closer. He was hopelessly headed towards a fall, a very large fall. Edd panicked, whipping his head around left to right, in hopes of finding land close enough for him to hold onto, to save himself. The river bank was meters away on both sides, and the closest chunk of "land" near him were only the jagged rocks he was rapidly coming upon. He knew if he was to survive, he had to stop the speed of his momentum just a bit, just enough to the point where he could possibly swim to a shore before the fall meters and meters away. If not that, then he would have to land in a way for him not to be too terribly injured. He cursed under his escaping breath, knowing his demise or failure to keep afloat and conscious would mean his definite capture. His breath was swallowed in large gulps greedily as he heaved, wishing he could just breath in the water once more, but knowing if he was to fall prey to these waters by  embracing his shark form and flew over the cliff edge, he would most likely fall at an inevitable angle that would cause him injury and send him into unconsciousness. He knew a sight like that on whatever bank he ended up on wouldn't go without some sort of commotion as to how he had gotten there. A commotion that would also lead to his damn hunters picking up his trail. It was just one of the many rules in this terrible game he played. Keep moving forward. Never make attachments. Always let the past go. He shook his head slightly, trying to focus on surviving more than outcomes and life lessons right now.

    According to legend, they are rarely caught, but those who do track a skinwalker...

    Chances and risks, it was all a dangerous game. Locking his eyes on a target coming soon, he dove under and kicked, springing forward at just the right angle to grab the edge of a flat rock to hold him above the water. He kicked against the current, up and over trying to hoist himself up. He was at least 10 meters away from the drop, one slip at this point would surely lead to an inevitable fall. He groaned in exhaustion, it seemed his life was built on single chances. He pulled his shaking muscles, pulling his torso out of the water and continuing to claw his way over the rock. From here he could jump to the bank if he was lucky...

    He brought his leg forward and clumsily attempted to climb over, strength giving way. He cried out through a cold breath in desperation, one chance. He dug his knee into a concave in the rock holding him up. He started to bring up his other leg when his knee jerked down and his grip slipped away. In one second, his world all came crashing down, he fell back rapidly, his back crashing into the water first as he fell backwards. He had only a split second to take in a small sharp breath before he was swallowed into the rapid waters.

    ...and learn of their true identity, pronouncing their name in full...

    His lungs burned with the desire for more air, greedily pounding at his chest as he was shot back like a kite in a wind storm. His jacket rippled, he pondered for a second to transform and gain control before he felt an immense pain in the back of his head. His body came after, crashing against a rock with great force as he cried out, releasing all of his precious oxygen. His back arched in pain before he slipped off and continued through the current, the crash of the cascading wall of water getting closer yet slowly fading. His eyes grew fuzzy and black, and for a second, the water separated from him, the cold air coated him, and he felt like he was falling. Then, all sense fell as the world faded away.

    ... have the power to control and, if wished, could kill the beast.

((Kevin's POV))

I can't decide what I'm running from. I mean, life is a hack, sure, but isn't the whole deal with it supposed to be adapting and moving on? At least, that's what I was told. Damn, if that was the case I don't even know how I've made it this far. Everything's a machine in it's own sense, it all has parts, it all has it different tools to fix it up and use it with, it all has it's own set of blueprints. Life was nothing more than a map that was just miles and miles long of subsections and instructions that in the end, only you had the choice to follow or not. Life was confusing, troublesome, and it always had a way of throwing you off.

I was out on a night walk, my green sweater was puffy and an underlayer of my favorite black turtleneck with it's oversized sleeves kept me warm as the night air swirled around me. I twiddled my thumbs within my pockets as I looked around, up to the sky with the moon reflecting off of my broken framed glasses. The fireflies started to dissipate and hide once more as summer left, but autumn always held that sense of warmth and sunlight. A few flickering yellow lights danced around with the cold air and the crickets chirped like a melody with every other nature made sound. I smiled, this was peace all in itself, a little piece of heaven. I often walked through these woods at night, the area was always too far from any homes or city for anyone to ever really be out here, and I was almost sure it was private property but who really gives a crap about rules these days. I mean, there's a rule for bullying and fist fighting right? Yeah.

I sighed, clutching my sleeves now as I willed myself to forget. Damn, life was tough to me. I took a deep breath, welcoming the open and calming night air rather than the stuffy circulating air within closed walls. I rubbed the back of my neck and looked around. I was near the creek, only about a quarter of a mile to the right. I leaned against a tree and slumped over, looking to that direction. I heard the humming water from here. Maybe I was just being childish, maybe I was thinking of just drowning myself, or maybe I just didn't want to go back to a cold and empty house, but something told me to head that direction. As if the world was whispering to me I would find something pretty life changing in a slow current of icy water and mud. I checked my back pocket for my knife I always carried, ease washing over me as I felt the warm handle. I exhaled slowly and continued further into the woods, hoping I wouldn't get lost in an unfamiliar area. Mom would be gone for the weekend, and Friday meant no school, no point in going home early, why not spend an hour or two more out here. I stepped over the crunching leaves and heard the crickets silence the farther I walked. The wind seemed to pick up and push at me, warning me. There was a suddenly ominous feel to the way the world rotated, the way everything seemed to freeze. I wanted to turn back, run home and cower in my sheets before I shook my head and realized how stupid I was sounding. Paranoia was always one of my worst traits. I stepped into a clearing, the trees all seemed to part away just for me as the creek slowly came into view as I stepped over the hill.

'Nothing, it's just water Kevin, quit freaking yourself out.' I mentally scolded myself. It was actually quite peaceful, there was no sound save for the running water. I walked along the bank, kicking at a rock beneath me and willing my mind to focus on serenity rather than struggles. The pebble below me was what held it all, I willed it all into that tiny rock before it became too much and I punted it a fair distance away. I waited for the satisfying plop into the water, but none came. Instead it fell with a wet thud and all was silent again. I assumed it just fell into the mud before I heard a heart stopping raspy groan. I yelped and looked ahead, the moonlight hardly lighting the world around me and trees shading almost everything. I stepped forward, looking in the direction I had kicked the pebble.

"Hello...?" I called. I was suddenly so afraid I had hit a bear or a mountain lion, something dangerous. At the same time though, the sound had no other origin than from a human. It had to be. I immediately reached back and grabbed my knife, flipping the blade forward and looked around. Once more there was a sound, an inhuman growl. I bit down my screams and attempted to silence my terror at that moment before I suddenly tripped and fell back, my knife suddenly escaping my grasp and bounding into the water. I shouted in defeat and frustration as I attempted to grab it. My hand reached out uselessly before I had the chance to realize something else had grabbed my ankle. I screeched and looked back, expecting some horrid chupacabra crawling on me. With the small moonlight we had, I saw a man... A teen weakly clutching at me. His eyes were half lidded and he was halfway in the icy water. I heard the raspy breathing coming from him and I jumped upon realization. I sat in silence, forcing my terror down as I froze, watching him. He breathed weakly and it then hit me that my ankle was soaking now with freezing water.

'Oh my god how is staying in that water like that!!' I lept up, pulling my ankle away with ease as the stranger slipping into unconsciousness. I stepped over him and tried my best to hoist him up, I dragged him over the edge and onto the yellow tinted grass a yard away. I checked his pulse, it was there but faint. I checked his body for any wounds, lifting his arms and checking his torso, even lifting his shirt to check for any broken ribs or damaged skin. I resisted the urge to stare longer than I needed and continued, god what do I do! I attempted to roll him over before he woke with a sharp cry, cringing and grimacing in pain. Oh god how was I gonna get him out of here...

"H-Hey, my name is Kevin Barr, I just sorta.. Found you here and I'm just trying to help,  I need to see if you're okay!" I informed, I guess some stranger feeling you out like that would be a bit weird...

"N... Don't need... Hel..." He rasped before slipping into darkness again. I shook him a bit.

"Dude? Hey! You alive!?" I swore to myself and continued searching, he must have hit his head... I placed a hand on his head and felt a warm spot, bingo. I lifted my hand as saw a plentiful amount of blood. "Shit..." I got up and looked around for anything that might help. "God what do I do!?" I shouted. Should I call 911? Man they would be too late by the time they found us, this is private property too... I got up and hatched an idea. I tore off my sweater and lay it on the ground beside him, then took off my turtle neck and slowly wrapped it's over sized sleeves around his head, removing his black striped beanie and cleaning the wound as best I could. He occasionally hissed in pain and groaned.

"Stop... Leave..." He whispered. I shook my head and furrowed my brows.

"Hey I'm gonna move you over, just hold tight, this might hurt.." I grabbed at his shoulders again and, with a groan, moved him over my sweater. He cried out in pain and breathed quickly through a grimace. I heaved a sigh and tried my best to lay him down gently, keeping his head elevated. "You're gonna be fine, I've got bandages and crap at my place, it's not too far from here..." I reassured. I used my sweater as a sort of gurney and pulled at the sleeves, pulling his body with it. I breathed heavily, it took all my force just to pull him, god he was heavy. I pushed myself, focusing on getting him back alive, the rest of the world seemed to silence. And through all that, one thought was always at the back of my head: I was hoping I wasn't pulling a dead man out of the water.


1st Place Winner: invadermercedes @ Instagram
Prizes: Full body digital art w/ line art, colored, and shaded with a full background •animated or non-animated profile icon (winner's choice) •any requested drawing, that could include OC line ups, ref. Sheets, or another drawing of winner's choice (any type of art including digital or traditional) •first pick at an adoptable by yours truly and/or custom made one as well •sketch dump of any character

2nd Place Winner: askstarguardian @ Tumblr
Prizes: Full body drawing, full background, shaded •Animated or non-animated icon •Small animation of requested action (max. of 30 frames) •Any requested torso drawing (traditional or digital) •2nd pick at any adoptable •2 free bases of any species (winners choice)

3rd Place Winner: indigotealhyena @ Tumblr
Prizes: Full body flat colored drawing w/ gradient background •Digital icon •any requested fully colored torso drawing (traditional or digital) •3rd and final pick at adoptable •small sketch dump (max. of 4 drawings, one character)

4th Place Winner: :iconlexiangelo12xx:
Prizes: full colored torso drawing (traditional only) •final adoptable •icon (traditional only) •free base of any species

5th Place Winner: spicymonky @ Tumblr
Prizes: flat colored torso drawing (traditional) •Icon (traditional) •small sketch dump (max. of 3 sketches, one character)

The Adoptable sheet will be closed until the winners have picked their adoptable in order!!! I will link the picture or send it to you each privately to make sure of no cheating or stealing. The creatures I will offer are a closed species and if you want, i CAN change the species of the adoptable while keeping the main color scheme. Just let me know :) 
Rules: Copy the above section that you have won and let me know what you'd like in list order, if there are any OC's involved, please PM me a reference! (any type of art will be accepted, including gore, smut, shippings, ect...
Thank you everyone who entered! Consider this a thanks to all of my lovely followers and watchers for getting me to a 100+ Fan list, I love you all so much, keep being amazing!!!


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Hey there! I'm Joely, but you can call me Jay.
I am an artist of many genres. Music, animation, writings, theater, and drawing. Oil pastels are one of my favorites tools for traditional works, but I do make digital art as well. As for animation, it's a slow process but I promise you what I say will be done will eventually be completed in stages, be patient. that goes for anything. I'm a busy person, family, friends, and other such thing are first, I hold the internet close but they are closer.

Here on this account, and any other I have across the web, you will without a doubt see fanart and writings about Invader Zim, MLP, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Superjail!, HTF, fursonas, and so on.
I am an animal lover, my favorite being the kiwi bird, and i am greatly inspired by birds, and nature, so you might see that around as well. Music is also a big inspiration, I'm a fan of Dubstep, chill house, rock, grunge, metal, and classical (mainly violin). Inspiration is everything to me, whether it's through words, actions, music, people, or places, it is something I hold dear to me.

So that's all... Check out my other accounts and links below to see what I'm up to! See you all later!

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